Arizona Gov. veto’s bill and keeps the 2015 Super Bowl

Arizona Gov. Brewer Vetoes Controversial Bill
Arizona Gov. Brewer Vetoes Controversial Bill

According to ESPN , Arizona Governor Jan Brewer announced Wednesday she had vetoed a controversial religious-freedoms bill that was sent to her desk by the state’s legislature, dousing anxiety that had been growing daily for the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee.

Host Committee CEO Jay Parry had said the organization went straight to Brewer’s office to express its concern and disagreement over Senate Bill 1062, which would have allowed Arizonans the ability to cite religious beliefs as a reason to deny services to anybody.

Brewer had until Saturday to either sign or veto the bill, or else it would automatically become law.

“We are looking for the governor to veto,” Parry told earlier in the day. “We have confidence in the governor representing our state. We’ve shared our concerns with the governor’s office directly. So, we just wait and see.” MORE…