Are The Blues Eyeing Ryan Miller?

Source: Brian Stubits, CBS Sports

Speaking on Sportsnet 960 on Monday, this is what Elliotte Friedman had to say.

“I think the St. Louis Blues were looking at Vanek. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re looking at Miller. I’m hearing that St. Louis is a team that’s going to be interesting, that’s a group that wants to go for it this year.”

Now noting the language, Friedman doesn’t necessarily report that the Blues are thinking about it, just that he wouldn’t be surprised if they were but considering the source that’s well-founded speculation.

Still, it leaves me wondering a lot. First off with Jaroslav Halak healthy and playing well, why would the Blues want Miller? It’s great to have two good goalies and all and especially with Halak and Brian Elliott scheduled to be free agents after this season. But it doesn’t seem to be a huge need for the Blues, Halak has a .917 save percentage this season.