April Fools Jokes Begin with Maryland

“Breaking news” reports, or pranks I should say, started early this morning. While you were driving to work, the Testudo Times “broke the news” that Maryland will leave the Big Ten for the SEC. They even included fake quotes from Terrapins AD Kevin Anderson saying, “Dolla Dolla Bills y’all!”

If that quote wasn’t enough of an indication that the article was fake, all you had to do was read his second quote.

“But honestly, we were thinking small time with that move. The SEC opens up all sorts of new possibilities. Why stop at bringing back all of the varsity sports that we had to cut? An indoor practice facility for football, renovations for Byrd Stadium…including luxury seats for all students…new stadiums for soccer AND lacrosse, a gilded Testudo statue in front of every dorm room, a private jet for Mark Turgeon, a 250 foot tall statue dedicated to Kevin Plank made of pure titanium, and we’ve hired Gary Glitter on retainer to play Rock and Roll Part II at every sporting event. We also plan on building a private training mountain on campus for our ski team.”

Hilarious. This report was a mild prank that may have fooled some people, but to most, it was obvious that it was fake. I wonder if the Maryland Athletics department got a good laugh out of it, too.

But, just in case you didn’t scroll down to the bottom to read “Happy April Fools Day,” they tweeted about it.

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