Angels and the Nationals lead the MLB Power Rankings

Tampa's own Denard Span is part of the fun in Washington
Tampa’s own Denard Span is part of the fun in Washington

We have a couple of changes at the top of our Sports Talk Florida Power Ranking this week. Let’s start at the top and despite losing two out of three games to the A’s this weekend in the East Bay. The Angeles held on to their lead in the AL West.

They will be without star pitcher Garrett Richards but the team has a deep rotation and should be able to remain in the race with A’s in the tough wild, wild West.

The best team in the National League is clearly the Washington Nationals. They have won 11 of 12 and 16 of 22. Washington had five walk off wins during their recent 10 game willing streak. Washington is an MLB besy 24-12 since the ALL STAR break.

They are winning with a combination of strong pitching and solid hitting that make the Nationals the best team in the NL and they hold a season series wins over the Milwaukee Brewers, San Francisco Giants, and the Pittsburgh Pirates. This week they are on the road to face the Phillies, the Mariners and they have a showdown with the Dodgers a week from today. Back in May the two teams faced off in DC with the Nationals taking two out of three games.

The Royals continue to win as they lead the Tigers in the AL Central, while it remains to be seen if the loss of Manny Machado will bother the Baltimore Orioles. The other big race has the Brewers looking to hold off their bitter rivals the St. Louis Cardinals and that seems like it will go down to the last week of the season.

1. LA Angels (77-52)

2. Washington Nationals (75-54)

3. Oakland Athletics (76-53)


4. LA Dodgers (74-57)

5. Baltimore Orioles (73-55)

6.  Kansas City Royals (72-57)

7. Milwaukee Brewers (71-58)

8. St. Louis Cardinals (70-58)

9. Detroit Tigers (69-59)

10.  Seattle Mariners (70-58)

11.  San Francisco Giants (68-60)

12.  Atlanta Braves (68-62)

13.  Pittsburgh Pirates (67-62)

14.  New York Yankees (66-61)

15. Toronto Blue Jays (66-63)

16.  Miami Marlins (64-64)

17.  Cleveland Indians (65-63)

18.  Tampa Bay Rays (63-66)

19.  Cincinnati Reds (62-68)

20.  New York Mets (60-70)

21.  San Diego Padres (59-69)

22.  Chicago White Sox (59-70)

23.  Philadelphia Phillies (57-72)

24.  Chicago Cubs (57-72)

25.  Minnesota Twins (58-71)

26.  Houston Astros (55-75)

27. Boston Red Sox (56-73)

28.  Arizona Diamondbacks (55-75)

29. Colorado Rockies (51-77)

30.  Texas Rangers (49-79)