Alex Cobb Speaks About Injury, Determined To Return

Alex Cobb has been out for nine days since getting hit in the head by a ball off the bat of the Kansas City Royals Eric Hosmer and before today’s Rays game he spoke about to the media about the incident.

He did bring some humorous moments to the press conference saying that he said he knew he was o.k. when his father Rick looked bored at the hospital. After that he said he had to tell his girlfriend Kelly to stop crying a few times because she was making it more dramatic than it had to be. He said that up until the last couple of days his girlfriend gives him a walk twice a a day with the dogs. Almost immediately his teammates told him that he was trending on Twitter with #102offthedome.

Most importantly he said “I’ve read a few things saying people think that I might not pitch again this year which you know couldn’t be anything further from the truth. I’ll be ready to go as soon as my body tells me I’m 100%.”

Asked about what he remembered:

I remember deciding what pitch to throw, I remember I had a curveball grip, thought about throwing the change up, later I found out I had thrown a fastball. I had to ask Eric [Hosmer] at the hospital what pitch it was. I had forgotten what pitch it was and then I remember seeing the ball coming back and I might kind of glanced at the ball and subconsciously turned my head thankfully reduced any further impact probably to the face or eye or something like that. I remember that and I remember laying on the Trop floor and having Ron [Porterfield] come out – stayed conscious the whole time talked to Ron throughout the whole thing. Later on I started to get a little tired and also had some spinning going on. I remember as I was getting wheeled off looking at the roof of the Trop kind of doing circles so that’s when the headaches first began.”

Did he think about J.A. Happ?

“I don’t think that crossed my mind until I went to the hospital and I was in the first room that they put me in and one of the nurses saying  ‘I can’t believe this is happening again within a month’ and that’s when I realized.”

Will there be a fear factor when you return?

“I don’t think that’s something we can say until we actually go through it but I would love to sit up here and tell you no that once I get out there I’ll have the mindset that it happened once it’s probably a pretty good possibility that it isn’t going to happen to me again. I’m not going to lie I’ve had some nightmares about it – how bad it could have been, that’s obviously been in the back of my mind, but as of right now I’d like to think that I’d be able to pitch through it.”

What are his thoughts on pitchers wearing helmets?

Even after J.A. Happ went through this we were asked pretty heavily about this topic. I came right out and thought that there should be something for us to have the option to do. I don’t want it to turn into something where every pitcher on that mound is mandated to wear something – that’s everybody’s personal choice. It’s one that you want to have a little say so if this incident happens again that you were able to do everything you could to protect yourself, your future, your family.”

“Thankfully, we haven’t seen it yet but if something more serious happened with death or any other serious injury it wouldn’t be a fun thing to think about if we had the opportunity to wear something – we’re just not given that opportunity right now. It’s obviously going to take a long time to get rolling in that direction hopefully it will speed the process a little bit and guys will be able to start getting used to it.”

About his health right now?

“I’m having my days, today’s been the best day by far. The headaches after the fact the first few days were pretty tough to handle – the vertigo feeling that I was feeling was leading to some nausea and stuff like that but – like I said today’s been the best day and signs for the future and the weeks to come for the improvements.”

About when he’ll return?

“It’s not like when in the past when I had some injuries like ankles, shoulders, whatever it may be to where you can fight through it as a competitor and really just get back out there and handle pain and realize that you’re not going to do any further damage to yourself your just going to have to block out the pain. There’s just no way to do that with this type of injury its with you every second of the day. Whenever you look a certain direction too quickly or even try to lay down and go to bed you’re reminded that you have something serious going on and you’re not going to fight through that until your body tells you its good.”

What are your symptoms and what would surprise people about the injury?

“It’s surprising to most people to hear that I don’t really have a bruise or any sort of sensitivity in my ear to the touch or anything  to that fact which after seeing the replay I don’t know how but that’s the case. The only symptoms I’m really having are the headaches – when I get up quickly out of bed or even when I turn my head really quick and those have subsided a great bit in the last 24 hours. This is mainly due to the fluid build up that I got on the inside of my eardrum – on the other side of the eardrum – has kind of built up and thrown off my equilibrium and led to my vertigo which once  that subsides and it’s all out of my eardrum I should be back to normal. I went to the doctor today and hear great news that it’s healing quicker than she expected and should see some dramatic improvements in the next week or so.”






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