Store Giving $70K In Refunds After Super Bowl

GARDENDALE, Ala. (AP) — Customers of a Birmingham-area jeweler are getting about $70,000 in refunds because of the Super Bowl.

Jeff Dennis Jewelers in Gardendale ran a promotion offering a cash refund on purchases if either Denver or Seattle scored a safety during the game.

Dennis tells he was thrilled when Seattle scored a safety on Denver’s first offensive play, and so are customers.

Brian Nunnally of Kimberly is getting a refund on a $260 necklace he bought as a Valentine’s gift for his wife.

The refunds don’t come from Dennis’ pocket: He buys an insurance policy through Lloyd’s of London to cover the cost.

This is the third such promotion that has paid off for Dennis in three years. He says the gimmick helps by increasing sales.

Source: Associated Press