49ers’ Davis: We Must Win A Super Bowl


49ers tight end Vernon Davis told Pro Football Talk that the niners must win a Super Bowl.

“We must win a Super Bowl title,” Davis said. “You play this game, that’s what you play this game for. You play the game to go to the Super Bowl and that’s the only reason why we play to win and make it to the Super Bowl. So anything short of that would not be acceptable and I think my teammates know that as well.”

They’ve had plenty of chances. They lost to the Giants in the NFC Championship Game in 2011, lost to the Ravens in the Super Bowl and just barely lost to the Seahawks in 2013’s NFC Championship Game.

“I mean, we’ve had multiple opportunities to make it and to win it,” Davis said. “When we were playing back in New Orleans we played the Ravens we had a great opportunity in front of us but we just didn’t seize the moment but you know what the unique thing about it is we get another chance. “We still have the same chemistry, the same guys that are back in the locker room but we have another chance to do it again.”