2014 Winter Olympics: Guide to the Snowboarding Events

Olympic fans will be treated to 10 snowboarding events at the 2014 Olympic Games – five of which will be held for men and five will be held for women. The 2014 Games will be special for snowboarding because several new medal events will be contested within the sport. Read on to learn more about the snowboarding events scheduled to be help at the Olympic Games.

The half-pipe event features snowboarders doing tricks and acrobatic maneuvers above the rim of a half-pipe-shaped course. Athletes are scored on their technical performance, and the rider with the highest score wins.

Parallel Slalom
The parallel slalom event features two athletes riding side-by-side courses at the same time. Each course is filled with blue and red gates which dictate the course the rider must follow. The snowboarder with the fastest time wins.

Parallel Giant Slalom
The parallel giant slalom event also features head-to-head competition on courses next to one another. The top athletes from the qualifying round advance to compete elimination style. The winner of the head-to-head races moves onto the next round, and the gold-medal winner is the athlete who is not defeated in any of his or her races.

This event features snowboarders doing tricks on rails, quater-pipes and jumps. The event has a semi-final and a final round, and each rider takes two runs in each round. The goal is to perform high-amplitude tricks at a high technical level. The rider with the best score wins. Slopestyle will be contested for the first time at the 2014 Olympic Games.

Snowboard Cross
This event features a course that include moguls, obstacles, banks and jumps. In this event, four athletes ride at a time in an effort to cross the finish line first. The first person across the finish line wins.

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