2014 NFL Draft: Top Tight Ends

No matter what team, athleticism and speed is key for a successful tight end. Here are our top tight ends entering the 2014 NFL Draft.

1. Eric Ebron- North Carolina

The North Carolina TE doesn’t quite move like one. He has an open-field ability that is mesmerizing. With just an inch, he’ll squeeze through and take off.

Just give him the ball and watch big plays happen.

But he’s not just a pass-catcher. Ebron worked really hard to improve as a blocker last year. He’s capable of taking angles and playing with leverage to hold off strong or weak-side linebackers, and he’ll even crack down on defensive ends if needed.

But the main reason he’ll be drafted is all his overall speed that he brings to the offense.

A true weapon, Ebron can easily be named this year’s most exciting and mature tight end.

2. Troy Niklas- Notre Dame

Troy Niklas

When scouting Niklas, it’s easy to compare him to former players from the same team.

He’s a tight end with ideal size–6’6.5″ and 270 lbs–and has the movement ability of a smaller man. He looks huge on the field until you see him make a cut in a route and leave the coverage behind.

When he kicks out a defensive end or linebacker in the run game, Niklas puts all 270 pounds into his blocks.

This player is ready for pros.

3. Jace Amaro- Texas Tech

This Texas Tech TE is always ready to attack all over the field. Amaro is the ideal athlete for the flex tight end position. He can line up in the slot, in the backfield, in motion or split out wide like a wide receiver.

No matter where he starts or where he releases into his route, Amaro is the athlete who will always provide a mismatch, which is exactly why NFL scouts love him.

At 6’5″ and 260 pounds, he has the size to beat defenders in one-on-one situations with speed or power. There aren’t many match-ups he can’t win, but that’s not his problem.

A legitimate top-25 talent in this year’s class, Amaro is a game-changing weapon on offense.

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