2014 NFL Draft: Raiders Interested in Sam

The defensive player of the year who comes from the toughest conference in college football has already peaked the interest of many NFL teams. One team specifically has placed Missouri DE Michael Sam high on their list. The Raiders have a glaring need at this position and Sam’s strong 2013 season has him rated as a round three prospect in the NFL Draft.

His accomplishments are certainly impressive but will the Raiders go down that road again? Oakland recently went with an SEC Defensive Player of the Year who caused some problems for the team.

The problem with Rolando McClain was he had all the talent in the world but all the character problems to match. He lasted less than three seasons in the NFL before his off-field problems and bad attitude became too much. He hasn’t played since the Raiders suspended him after week ten of the 2012 season.

Michael Sam has proven himself to be a phenomenal talent on the football field, worthy of being chosen in the upper portion of the NFL draft even before his character was dissected by NFL scouts.

In the meantime, Sam is already showing he has a rare level of character and courage. On Sunday, he officially announced that he is gay. He is the first football player to ever come out as and the announcement has shaken the sports world.

He is receiving positive feedback and it seems that the NFL may not take his sexuality into account during the draft process. If the Raiders focus solely on his football skills and judge him on his character up until this point, can they avoid the problems they’ve had in previous years?

We’ll find out soon enough.

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