2013 MLB All-Star Game Road Trip – Day One

It was an exciting day walking all-over New York City. Apparently I brought the heat and humidity with me as it was hot and steamy. I’m holding up at a rather nice hole-in-the-wall hotel in Corona, one block from Citi Field. As I headed out to Citi Field to pick up my credentials there were two kids playing in the elevator and they were there when I got back, still sitting on the floor. The seemed rather upset that I was invading their space.

The New York Mets maintenance crew was shining-up Citi Field when I arrived Saturday morning.

There are 32 apples representing every Major League Baseball team scattered throughout Manhattan. I stumbled on to three.
Texas Rangers:

New York Yankees:

New York Mets:

Saturday I just explored New York City, I took the 7 train to downtown and then the 4 train to the financial district to check out the 9/11 Memorial. The Freedom Tower is very impressive.

The line to get in the 9/11 Memorial was an hour plus long but definitely worth the wait. The two memorial pools are very impressive and they have a way of drowning out the crowd noise to create a perfect moment to reflect on the scope of the events that took place here.

The iPhone does have a big enough lens to take in the North Pool.
After spending the afternoon in the financial district I took the 4 train back up to Times Square. This was the complete opposite of the 9/11 Memorial, this was pure consumerism at its best.
Twinkies are back on Monday:

Went to see “Pacific Rim” at the AMC IMAX, this is the best giant robots versus giant monsters movie you will ever see.

Random copper man trying to make a living in the city.