2012 USF Preview: Wide Receivers

The USF Bulls’ deepest position is at wide receiver, if someone would have said that three years ago, they would have gotten a earful of laughs. However, for the 2012 season, the wide receiver position is one of USF’s biggest strengths on offense.

Last season, the position was plagued by injuries but this season, it is one of the deepest positions on the team.

Having such talent at the position makes it even harder for Skip Holtz and the offensive coaching staff to nail down what the starting order at the position should be.

Without surprise, sophomore Andre Davis is listed as a starting wide receiver on the initial fall depth chart, as well as junior Terrance Mitchell and senior Victor Marc.

Davis, as a true freshman in 2011, appeared in 11 games. He had 22 receptions, 273 yards, and scored two touchdowns.

The other starter, Marc, had 33 receptions worth 357 yards and scored two touchdowns last season.

Another starter, Mitchell, is clinging on to his starting gig. It wouldn’t be surprising if someone else slipped into his spot. However, Mitchell is rather skillful at the #1 slot position though and brings that to the table, which the other receivers don’t.

Ruben Gonzalez will also make himself standout at the wideout position. He played 11 games as a freshman last season.

Don’t forget about red shirt wide receiver Sterling Griffin either. Griffin led the Bulls last season in both yards (530) and receptions (43). He also scored three touchdowns in the 2011 season. Unfortunately, Griffin’s season ended early with a broken foot he suffered against Cincinnati last season. Griffin can easily bounce back from injury; he’ll be wearing No. 2 instead of No. 17.

Look out for true freshmen D’Vario Montgomery too.  He is listed on the first fall depth chart and rightfully so. He notably had a strong spring practice and all eyes should be on him as the days in Vero Beach wind down.

Montgomery is a sizable receiver that was ranked No. 22 in the country in wide receivers prior to entering college. He is a very physical receiver that is known to easily break tackles. His size is a positive addition at the receiver position for USF.

With the competitiveness at the wide receiver position, it wouldn’t be surprising for Montgomery or others to move their way up the charts throughout the season.

“There have been great additions,” USF Bulls Coach Skip Holtz said. “I think D’vario Montgomery is going to be a great addition to this group. It’s a far cry from when we first got here and we were moving everybody to receiver to try and gain some receivers. Now you look out there and you have some true receivers with a healthy Sterling Griffin, Ruben Gonzalez. I look at Terrence Mitchell, Derrick Hopkins, I look at Deonte Welch. All of a sudden there is a pretty good group of receivers.”

Next week, USF Bulls Insider Patti McDonald will be previewing the offensive and defensive lines.