Video: Derek Norris Hospitalized After Backswing Hit

MLB NEWS: Derek Norris

Oakland Athletics catcher Derek Norris went to the hospital yesterday after being hit in the head by the backswing of Red Sox infielder Jonathan Herrera. You can see in the video below, he goes down immediately after the hit. The home plate umpire, Greg Gibson, wastes no time signaling the A’s medical staff.

Norris reportedly passed all the concussion tests, but the A’s sent him to the hospital for a precautionary CT scan anyway.

He’s gotten clunked in the melon a few times this season, so he clearly needs to adjust where he sets up to catch pitches. He said he intends to do so.

Per CBS Sports:

Ultimately because the hitters aren’t hitting any shorter of a backswing, I think I’m going to have to make the adjustment. A tick here and there off the mask or glove is one thing but this one got me in a pretty good part of the head and not the helmet or the mask. For my own health, I think I’m just going to have to take a step back.