Who Has The Best Bat Flip In Baseball?

Rays Wil Myers Ranks High On The Bat Flip Scale

While watching the Sunday afternoon game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cincinnati Reds baseball aficionado and author Jonah Keri tweeted out his top five bat flippers of all times and the Rays Wil Myers made the list.

Jonah’s (Tweet) rankings were 5) Wil Myers, 4) Yasiel Puig, 3) Carlos Gomez, 2) Luis Valbuena — then a huge gap followed by Rickey Henderson.

The video included in the tweet is a classic and led to an entertaining series of great bat flips:

As you can see it would be very difficult to beat Henderson’s epic flip but there were some creative videos tweeted following Jonah’s tweet.

Dan Mullen (@DanMullen_ESPN) of ESPN included this premature bat flip from Choi Jun-Seok:

Jon Malloy (@Chadlidge) submitted Gary “Sarge” Matthews for consideration:

David Zhang (@zzhang33) found a great bat flip by the Dodgers Hong Chi Kuo

Productive Outs (@ProductiveOuts) submitted possibly the closest to a Ricky Henderson style flip.

Eric Nguyen (@enguy) found this classic Seattle Mariners advertisement with Brett Boone mocking his bat flip.

Lance Mantle (@lancemantle) pointed out that Tom Lawless had three career home runs and hit this one in the 1987 NLCS.

My submission to the list will be the Rays Wil Myers with video provided by PastTime Athletics YouTube Channel

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