Rays Pitcher Matt Moore Gives Inspirational Speech

In 2009 Paris Whitehead, an eight year old girl residing in South St.  Petersburg, was fatally shot.  This atrocity drew the attention of a few  Tampa Bay Rays employees concerned about the youth in their communities.   These employees thus created the Rays Dugout Club, an organization that  wishes to educate youths and promote the Dugout Club message: Stay Healthy, Stay  Positive, Stay Involved, Stay Smart.

On June 28th Rays Pitcher, Matt Moore, made a visit to the Childs Park  Recreation Center on behalf of the Dugout Club.

Moore now sponsors “The Moore Corps” at the rec. center.

Childs Park Recreation Center is an impressive facility to say the least.   It is Equipped with a gymnasium, workout facility, pools, pool-slides,  playground, outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, dance studio, walking  trails, kitchen, rental rooms and a good amount of green space.

Prior to Moore’s arrival, kids laughed, giggled, and joined in chants with  counselors and group leaders.  The center had a community feel to it with  adults and leaders seeming to enjoy the interaction just as much, if not more  so, than the children.

“I say childs, you say park! CHILDS!”




That was one of the more defining chants that the Recreation Center took part  in.

Upon the arrival of Matt Moore the excitement only grew.

After the kids were reaffirmed of the Dugout Clubs message Moore broke down  each value one by one with accompanying relevance to his own life.

First, Moore asked the kids what kinds of foods they ate, then he responded  with the foods he would eat on a daily basis highlighting the importance of  balanced diets and portion control.

The Rays Pitcher then attributed having a positive attitude as key to  success. He praised his MLB teammate, David Price, for his impeccable  attitude.

Moore told the “Moore Corps” that working through the rough times with a  smile on your face and believing in yourself is essential in all aspects of life  because in the end it will be okay.

He demonstrated the power of a positive attitude with a story about a  previous game he had pitched for the Rays.  The team was tied 1-1 and he  had not had the best game but he kept believing and maintained faith in his own  ability thus leading the team to a 5-1 victory.

The kids eagerly lined up to ask Matt questions, some divulging into his  career and others more broad based about life.

Moore wrapped up his massage by pressing the kids to stay involved with the  community veering away from trouble and challenged them to stay smart in the  face of the many obstacles we must overcome in life.

Staying healthy, positive, involved, and smart will not only be important to  the children of Childs Park but also Moore if he desires to build off his  potential and continue on the path of a promising career.

According to Baseball America, Matt Moore was the number two  prospect during the 2012 season.

Both David Price and Desmond Jennings will also represent the Dugout Club at  various recreational centers in St. Pete.