Odds are the Rays will make the Playoffs

Stay away from the bridges. The Rays will be OK, they will make the playoffs.

OK, step away from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, I know that the Tampa Bay Rays have lost 5 in a row but now is not the time to panic. The numbers crunchers at Baseball Prospectus   have everything planned out and the Rays will be in the post season.

This short tailspin that the Rays have had of late has only cost them a little in the standings. But a quick look inside the numbers might help to calm down the Rays faithful.

Baseball Prospectus sets the odds of Tampa Bay making the American League playoffs either as the champions of the East or holding down one of the two Wild Card spots  at a robust 79.2 percent. That is better than the Oakland A’s at 78.9 percent, the Baltimore Orioles at 24.5 percent and the Cleveland Indians at 20.1 percent.

The Detroit Tigers are the odds on favorite to win the AL Central and be in the playoffs. The Tigers are a 99.3 percent chance of making the post season, followed by the Boston Red Sox at 96.0 percent and the Texas Rangers 89.4 percent of playing October baseball.

They still have home and home dates left with both the Boston Red Sox, the Baltimore Orioles, and the New York Yankees. Also in the mix before the season is over, the Rays will face the Texas Rangers and Oakland A’s. So there are a lot of key match ups on the schedule and that is always a good reason to head to the Trop.

The most important thing to remember is and say it with me brothers and sisters: “THEY CONTROL THEIR OWN DESTINY.” But you if are a Rays player, part of the teams management or a fan that is all you can ask for, meaningful baseball in September. That is what I am talking about!