Matt Moore To Visit Dr. James Andrews

Matt Moore Heads To Alabama To See Dr. Andrews

Matt Moore left last nights start after feeling discomfort in his left elbow after throwing a changeup to Norichika Aoki in the bottom of the fifth inning.

Moore said he wanted to attempt a few warm up pitches and wanted to stay in the game. After the game he said the elbow didn’t feel as bad as it did last year when he was forced to go on the disabled list and missed 31 games. He told Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times (Twitter Here) that he woke up expecting elbow to be sore or inflamed but “it feels as normal as it always does, so encouraged by that.”

Additionally he said, “Every movement I make it’s tough to find that soreness unless I put my finger on it, so I think that that’s a positive sign.”

He had a basic (non-dye induced) MRI Tuesday morning and as expected he was placed in the 15-day disabled list but despite Moore’s optimism about the results the Rays believe the results are inconclusive,, therefore, Moore will head to Alabama to see famed elbow surgeon Dr. James Andrews for further evaluation.

The extent of the injury is still unknown and seeing Dr. James Andrews who is one of the teams doctors although should ring a few alarm bells, it is not always doom and gloom for every pitcher that visits him.  Rays Executive Vice President of Operations Andrew Friedman may have put it best when he told Marc Topkin (Twittter) – “they [the Rays]  will be concerned about Moore until told not to be.”

I’m sure the Rays fans feel the same way as Andrew Friedmman.




riedman said they will be concerned about Moore until told not to be.

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