Mariotti Show: Thursday October 3rd

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on October 2, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: October 3, 2013:

Jay breaks down what he believes could be The Autumn of the Little Guys — and thinks a low-revenue team could win the World Series for the first time. Tampa Bay has momentum, pitching depth, Joe Maddon and the experience of big moments and isn’t bothered by being on the road 11 days. Boston will be a monstrous challenge, but Jay expects Matt Moore and David Price to pitch well at Fenway. He never is one to demand fans to show up for games, not after an American recession, but if a fan ever was to invest hard-earned money in a team and a playoff game, it’s the Rays, who will be known as Team Silly String per their clubhouse celebrations. Jay thinks the culture of winning in St. Louis will be enough to survive the powerful emotional story of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Common sense says the Dodgers, with Clayton Kershaw and Zach Greinke, should power through a Braves team that seems tightly-wound and doesn’t always score runs, but the Dodgers are vulnerable because of injuries and the unpredictable whims of Yasiel Puig. Detroit has pitching dominance and a strong lineup, but Miguel Cabrera is playing hurt and the A’s are creative enough to take advantage of the smallest Tigers issue.

Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: October 3, 2013:

Jay resets the baseball story and says the dismal stadium situations of the Rays and A’s are part of the underdog story — and is impressed how both teams remain unfazed and just play through the relative apathy. Jay thinks the rumors about the Rays moving to Montreal are absurd — the baseball landscape is saturated in the U.S., and the one escape hatch could be the Orlando area so the Rays could become a regional Florida team. Jay interviews former major-league manager Bobby Valentine of NBC Sports, who says the rise of the Rays, A’s and Pirates is about “talent, talent, talent.” Jay rips into NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for participating in a cover-up of historic proportions, one that could send pro footnall on its inevitable demise. For two decades, a period spanning two commissioners and dozens of wealthy franchise owners, the almighty NFL didn’t want the public or, most critically, tens of thousands of athletes to know that head injuries suffered while playing football were now a life-and-death proposition. Jay wants the public to understand the weight of this story and wonders why Goodell, in a mass e-mail to fans, didn’t address the cover-up.

Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: October 3, 2013:

Jay would rather not deal with the Daily Freeman, but the Buccaneers finally released Josh Freeman, allowing the organization to focus on an 0-4 start instead of assassinating the character of their demoted quarterback. Jay says the Bucs’ front office has lost all credibility and thinks Freeman, who now is a free man with a $6 million payoff, will get another chance elsewhere. Jay resets the baseball playoffs and picks the Cardinals and Dodgers in the National League. Jay says the NFL is filled with good games this weekend, but the Browns-Bills game tonight is not one of them.

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