Jonny Gomes Delivers Far Fetched Narrative Of Benches Clearing Incident

Explanation Of Events Does Not Align With Realtiy

Jonny Gomes was stationed in left field when Yunel Escobar took third base on what was ruled “defensive indifference” with the Tampa Bay Rays leading the Boston Red Sox 8-3 with 2-out in the bottom of the seventh inning.

Gomes claims that he entered the fray because he says (of Escobar): “He was yelling at our dugout, He kind of kept yelling, then took his helmet off and continue to yell. I don’t know. I don’t have much patience, don’t have much time right now to be in an arguing match.”

Gomes says it wasn’t the stealing of the base that bothered him, “I wouldn’t have done it but I don’t have a problem with a hitter taking a bag. He can take the bag all he wants, you know, but yell at my dugout, take your helmet off and basically challenge our whole dugout, I’ll have a problem with that.”

Unfortunately for Gomes for his version of the story to hold up we can’t have video. If the video isn’t evidence enough for you than you have to assume that after getting to third base and checking in with veteran third base coach Tom Foley that Escobar turns around to instigate something with the Red Sox dugout.

The video suggests that Escobar was calm and relaxed – focused on playing the game – but was badgered by somebody in the Red Sox dugout which caused the reaction.

To believe that Escobar stole the base and acted like King Kong while challenging the entire Red Sox dugout is  a ridiculous notion.

Hear more of Gomes comments here:

Will his explanation as to why he ran in from left field help avoid a suspension?

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