Did Asdrubal Cabrera Irritate The Rays With His Home Run Trot?

Asdrubal Cabrera Annoyed The Rays Broadcast Crew After Hitting Home Run

Even before arriving in St. Petersburg on Friday Asdrubal Cabrera of the Cleveland Indians showed signs of turning his season around.  In the two games prior to arrival he  was 6 for 9 with a home run and three doubles.

He built on that success by going 3 for 4 with a homer and a walk in last nights game. Overall in his last three games he has increased his batting average from .205 to .254 and his on-base percentage plus slugging percentage (OPS) from .589 to .739.

His home run in the top of the 6th inning against Brad Boxberger cut the Rays lead to 2-1.

Afterward the Rays television crew of Dewayne Staats, Brian Anderson, and Orestes Destrade had a discussion following the homer which insinuated that maybe Cabrera admired his blast a little too long?

Asdrubal Home Run photo asdrubal_zpsff0c291a.gif

Anderson: He was able to get full extension and lift it right out of here.

Staats: [showing replay] Here’s the swing and then he watched if for a little while and then had to trot around the bases.

Anderson: Think he knew it was a home run and wanted to admire it.

Stats: [Sarcasm] So nice that it’s a gentleman’s game these days

Anderson: It is a different, I mean it really is. Because when you see it from everybody, it’s not just Asdrubal Cabrera, it’s everybody. That used to get you one in the ear hole…not anymore….now it’s a handshake and let me take you out to dinner.

Destrade: Now there’s a time lint that guys have over the modest time – a time that goes over the gentleman’s thing. You know what I mean. If you stand there for three secondswell O.K. Now I gotta hit you. But they get that second and a half so go ahead and do the Reggie. (Reggie Jackson).

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