David Price Expresses Interest In Cubs

David Price Talks Are Still Hot

PriceTeams all over baseball have expressed interest in a trade for Tampa Bay Rays starter David Price over the last couple months & the Chicago Cubs appear to be anxious pursuers.

After trading Jason Hammel & Jeff Samardzija to the Oakland Athletics a couple weeks ago, the quality of the Cubs’ starting pitching has decreased with starters averaging an ERA just over 5.00.

It seems as though the Cubs can certainly use another left-hander to go along with Travis Wood, Edwin Jackson & Jake Arrieta, and Price may be the answer.

Price has won his last five starts and has just about lowered his ERA an entire run since June 4. Playing in a large market, the Cubs can certainly afford Price.

According to Ken Rosenthal of MSN Sports, Price has a small connection with the Cubs. Minor-league pitching coordinator Derek Johnson coached Price at Vanderbilt.

“Johnson’s connection to Price could not have hurt, even though the pitcher was not available at that time. Well, now Price is available — and will remain available through the July 31 non-waiver deadline, no matter how much the Rays climb in the American League standings.”

The relationship between Johnson & Price could not have hurt because David expressed his interest in playing for the Cubs.

According to Rosenthal, when Price was at the All-Star Game last week in Minnesota he said, “(Chicago)would be the coolest city to win a championship in right now,” he wasn’t referring to the White Sox.

The only issue that may hold back the Price negotiations for the next few days is the Rays’ current winning streak.