Joe Maddon was on Sirius XM MLB Network Radio discussing the new instant replay system.

He discussed the challenges being limited due to the time of the game, “I promise you in the dugout you never know the time of the game – it’s never been a concern of mine.”

He suggests that MLB feel that the umpires only miss one or two calls every few games but overall believes that the overriding factor in limiting challenges is to avoid the bogging down of a game and thus a time element.

He also talks about the process of challenging. Having a better opportunity to challenge a call from the first base dugout, positioning a trusted guy right there at the end of the dugout to rely upon, and how to take advantage of the replay the most.

How are the umpires going to handle the calls in the seventh, eighth, and ninth innings? Will a manager be able to argue a case and get the umpires to decide to look at the video?

Hear the interview here: