Alex Cobb – Rays Job Is To Win, Not Be An Episode On Bravo

Alex Cobb Talks About The Red Sox And David Ortiz

Alex Cobb spoke to the media prior to tonight’s game against the Boston Red Sox and was asked about Sunday afternoons incident with the Boston Red Sox and David Ortiz.

When asked if he felt that David Ortiz was showboating after he hit his 3-run home run off Rays starter Chris Archer he said, “Yes, that’s what he does, he showboats every time he hits a home run.”

It’s something that Ortiz has been doing his whole career, “it’s something I’ve been watching him do since I was a kid.” Cobb said.

When asked if the team has thought about any form of retaliation? “I think that thought has already been thought of.” Cobb said. “We played a game earlier this year with a lot of speculation around that. If late on in the year the situation ever arises, you never know.”

He made it clear that it’s more important to win games than deal with extracurricular activity. He acknowledged that America loves drama but said, “Our job is to win baseball games not be an episode on the Bravo channel.”

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