Yankees Talking Dollars With Andy Pettitte

Brian Cashman doesn’t know if Andy Pettitte will inform the Yankees of his 2013 plans this week, but if the veteran lefty does and wants to return, the Yankees general manager expects dollars to be part of the message.

“He could tell his agents, ‘I want to play and find out what [the Yankees] are looking at.’ Or he could give us a number,’’ said Cashman, who hasn’t been told by Pettitte’s camp to expect a decision this week.

Like most of the Yankees’ organization, Cashman expects Pettitte to return.

At the end of last season, the 40-year-old Pettitte strongly indicated he would come back for an 18th big-league season. When the Yankees were swept in the ALCS by the Tigers, Pettitte said he would talk it over with his family. Many in the industry believe Pettitte wouldn’t have left longtime agents Alan and Randy Hendricks for Casey Close if he were retiring.

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