Red Sox Tribute To Rivera More ‘Awkward For Fans’

MOHere’s the real shame about the Boston Red Sox video “tribute” to Mariano Rivera: It set a mocking tone to an otherwise over-the-top and perfectly fitting ceremony. Through most of the presentation, Rivera was honored as a worthy opponent, not a heated rival. The Red Sox presented gifts that were both unique (that No. 42 from the scoreboard) and appropriate (the pitching rubber from the visiting bullpen).

Frankly, the sight of the Yankees iconic closer being honored in the Red Sox ballpark was probably more awkward for the fans than the players. The rivalry is a bigger deal from the outside than from the inside, and the players only get caught up in it when something like the Ryan Dempster-Alex Rodriguez situation happens.

The Red Sox ceremony was easily the most elaborate of the season. I’m sure it will be trumped at Yankee Stadium, but of all the opponents, the Red Sox did the most to celebrate Rivera’s pending retirement.

Source: Chad Jennings, USA Today