Cano’s Meeting With Seattle Went “Very, Very Well”

As a follow-up to yesterday’s reports that the Mariners were making a serious run at Robinson Cano, Kevin Kernan of the New York Post reported that the free agent second baseman and his agent met with the Mariners in Seattle yesterday. According to John Heyman of CBS Sports, the meeting went “very, very well:”

The Seattle Mariners are desperate for offense, or any sort of significant free agent to actually want to play in Safeco Field for that matter, and might actually have a shot at Cano with the way the Yankees have treated the situation this far. It has been reported that the Yankees and Cano are still around $100MM apart as the Yankees are willing to offer him 7 years and around $170MM and Cano is still seeking 7 years and $260MM. The Mariners are reportedly willing to offer Cano $200MM.

Only time will tell what will happen with Cano, but the Yankees might not have much more flexibility after signing McCann and Ellsbury to add another $20MM+ player with future considerations of the team in mind. Teir payroll currently projects to be around $150MM for 2014 without any future signings and until we can remove with certainty the $26MM A-Rod is owed.