Alex Rodriguez Suspension Reduced, Will Miss 2014

Independent Arbitrator Reduces Suspension From 211 to 162 Games

Alex Rodriguez had his 211-game suspension reduced but will miss the 2014 season including any playoff games for violating Major League baseballs rules against acquiring and possessing performance enhancing drugs.

Major League baseball originally suspended Rodriguez 211-games for his involvement in the Biogenesis scandal but Rodriguez and his legal team challenged the ruling. Independent arbitrator Fredric Horowitz heard the arguments and deliberated for seven weeks before issuing his ruling.

According to Joel Sherman (All Twitter Links) of the New York Post for luxury tax purposes the Yankees will still be charged $3,155,730.77 since his suspension is for 162 games and not 183 (days) and as of now the Yankees stand to save $27.5M in luxury tax dollars.

The Yankees believe they can save over $100M dollars in revenue sharing rebates, lower tax rate, etc. if they can stay below the $189M revenue tax threshold and today’s ruling greatly helps the Yankees toward achieving that goal.

According to Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports (Link) if Rodriguez seeks and is granted an injunction by a federal court the injunction could allow Rodriguez to play for the Yankees in  spring training opens next month while his case is considered.

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