Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry 2013 edition on ELOOnline

On this edition of ELOnline , Eric Lopez  talks about the Yankees and Red Sox 2013 seasons and what is ahead for both in the tough AL East?

Why you should listen :  Eric discusses the current state of the Yankees – Red Sox rivalry  with the voice of the Stetson Hatters Ryan Rouse who is a diehard Red Sox fan  and diehard Yankee fan Jeff Sharon who broadcasted at UCF , Stetson as well current professor at Full Sail.  Which current Yankee do the Red Sox fans respect and would give an ovation to like Mariano Rivera has received this season ?  Who would Yankee fans give an ovation for on current Red Sox team if they were to retire?  Also who is most dislike player on each team?  Is the rivalry  actually friendlier  now then ever?   What  is   the second half of the season  outlook for both the Red Sox and Yankees  as well as the competition in the AL East  and more.

Eric Lopez  is the producer of The David Baumann Show comes to you live  Monday through Friday 6am-9am from the Sports Talk 1080 Studios in Orlando

ELOOnline  : July 17, 2013