Will the Break Help or Hurt the Red Sox?

Red_Sox_David_Ortiz_2013The four days between the end of the regular season and the start of the Division Series Friday may seem like too much for the players, who are accustomed to the everyday nature of the regular season. Instead of playing day after day, the Sox have trying to stay busy — and sharp — while they await the winner of the Cleveland-Tampa Bay wild card game.

It’s far from ideal for the players, and the organization has taken steps to ensure that the same malaise that tripped up the 2006 Tigers, the 2007 Rockies and the 2012 Tigers doesn’t take the Red Sox players off their game. While the players fidget, the down time has been a boon for others in the organization. In particular, the coaching staff, scouts and Baseball Operations department has used the time to focus on some baseball minutiae, in an effort to best prepare the players.

Source: Sean McAdam, Yahoo Sports