Why Re-signing Lincecum Was Needed For Giants

Source: Peter Panacy, CNN Bleacher Report

LincecumIt is safe to say that San Francisco Giants starter Tim Lincecum is no longer the elite pitcher that he was when he won back-to-back Cy Young awards in 2009 and 2010.

But the Giants rotation, such a strength back in their 2012 World Series campaign, could ill-afford to lose their one-time ace to free agency after the 2013 season.

It appears as if Lincecum and the Giants were not interested in taking a long-term gamble that would result in an expensive contract fiasco—take San Francisco’s seven-year, $126 million contract with Barry Zito for example.

It is worth pointing out that Lincecum will make less money than he did during 2012-13. Also, the Giants will look to replace the starting job once held by Zito.