Why Are There So Many Tommy John Surgeries in MLB?

 Tuck and O’Neill talk to SI.com Baseball  Contributor writer Jay Jaffe about some of the hot topics in MLB including why there is so many Tommy John Surgeries in MLB?MLB: Atlanta Braves at Miami Marlins

Why You Should Listen :  Jerry and Mike talk to Jay Jaffe of Sports Illustrated about why there is so many Tommy John Surgeries this season in MLB? Jaffe talks also about Instant Replay and how it is going so far this season in MLB. Jaffe breaks down the success of the Oakland Athletics so far this season. Jaffe compares the rookie seasons of White Sox Slugger Jose Abreu and Yankees starting pitcher Masahiro Tanaka. Jaffe also discusses if the Milwaukee Brewers can keep up the great start they have had this season so far. Jerry and Mike talk to Jaffe about the National League East and positive start of the Miami Marlins.

Jaffe talks about the disapointments of BJ Upton and Dan Uggla among others with the Atlanta Braves offense.  Jaffe also breaks down who he thinks is the most disappointing team in Baseball right now including the Arizona Diamondbacks , Pittsburgh Pirates and Tampa Bay Rays. Jaffe also talks about Robinson Cano slow start with Mariners when it comes to the power game as well as AL Central and more with Jerry and Mike.

Jay Jaffe  on Tuck and O’Neill  May 22, 2014 :

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