What The Tigers Need During The Offseason

Source: Jonathan Bernhardt, Sports On Earth

TigersThe Tigers are essentially a complete team for 2014 already, regardless of what some people would have you think about how they need to trade Prince Fielder or sign a flashy, expensive, veteran closer.

The oldest pieces of the team’s core — Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander and Fielder — will all be 30 years old or just over, and considering Fielder’s body of work so far in the majors, it should take a lot more than one merely above-average season of hitting to get people worried about his future.

Following Jim Leyland’s resignation at the end of the Tigers’ postseason run, Detroit will have to hire a new manager, and then it has three big items on its to-do list: Decide whether they want to re-sign Omar Infante, decide if they think Nick Castellanos is ready to play left field full time, and shore up their bullpen.

Realistically, Detroit is going to kick the tires on every big second baseman hitting the market this offseason, and that means not just talking with Infante about coming back, but talking with Mark Ellis (should the Dodgers decline his option) and at least doing due diligence with the belle of this offseason’s ball, Robinson Cano.