What Each NLCS Team Must Do To Win World Series

Source: Joel Reuter, CNN Bleacher Report

DodgersFor the Los Angeles Dodgers: hit like they did in the NLDS

Most viewed the Dodgers pitching staff as their biggest strength entering the postseason, and while they’ve been terrific with a 2.44 ERA so far this postseason, it doesn’t look like good pitching alone will be enough for them to win it.

Looking ahead, if L.A. can pull off the comeback and reach the World Series, it will be squaring off against one of the best offenses in the league, regardless of who they’re facing, so getting things going offensively is a must.

CardinalsFor the St. Louis Cardinals: make things easier on the young staff by getting things going offensively

The Cardinals have hit just .187/.267/.307 in seven games this postseason, and while doing just enough offensively has made for some exciting game for Cardinals fans so far, a blowout here and there would certainly take some pressure off of their young staff.