Was The Ending Of Game 3 Or 4 More Bizarre?

Source: Joe Posnanski, NBC Sports

Game 3They’re both unprecedented (no World Series had ever ended either way). They’re both keyed around colossal blunders that you would not expect Major League Baseball players to make.

In percentage form, I would put it like this:

Game 3 ending:

  • Percent chance that Salty would throw the ball (and throw it away): 2%
  • Percent chance that Middlebrooks and Craig would tangle up: 1%
  • Percent chance that umpire would call interference: 60%

Total percentage: .012% (1 in 8,333)

Game 4 ending:

  • Percent chance that the Red Sox would hold on Wong: 5%
  • Percent chance that Uehara would throw over: 20%
  • Percent chance that Wong would get picked off: 1%

Total percentage: .01% (1 in 10,000).

So the Game 4 ending was inarguably weirder.*