Was Bringing Back Mattingly The Right Choice For The Dodgers?

Source: Joel Reuter, CNN Bleacher Report

Don MattinglyAfter finding himself on the verge of being fired in May, Don Mattingly was at the helm for the best turnaround in Los Angeles Dodgers team history, and the team is now set to bring him back for 2014 as a result.

His status for the 2014 season had been up in the air since the end of 2012, when the team denied his request for them to exercise his $1.4 million option for 2014, but the team’s strong second half and run to the NLCS has apparently been enough for him to earn at least one more year.

The Dodgers stumbled out of the gates this season, and found themselves 9.5 games back and in last place in the NL West on June 22.

However, they went on an amazing 42-8 run over one 50-game stretch to climb back into the postseason picture, and eventually ran away with the NL West finishing 11 games ahead of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The biggest question is: How much of the team’s turnaround can attributed to Mattingly, and on the flip side of things, how much of their early struggles can be pinned on him?