Tuck: Stop Hating on Puig

I almost couldn’t believe it.  Almost.

When I woke up this morning, turned on TV and radio and found people not talking about a Dodgers win.  Not talking about Hyun-Jin Ryu’s fantastic pitching effort.  Not talking about Hanley Ramirez playing through a broken rib.  But instead talking about Yasiel Puig’s triple.

Well, not actually the triple.  But what happened after his bat hit the ball.


People are that concerned that he flipped his bat when he thought he had hit a home run.  And then they are upset that he celebrated approaching and after reaching third base.

Yeah, I am sure these same people would like to have a word with Kirk Gibson too.  Way too many fish pumps when he homered off Eckersley 25 years ago.  David Ortiz and the Red Sox looked a little too fired up after his grand slam against the Tigers on Sunday night too.

Baseball has a lot of silly rules.  Rules that aren’t even rules.  They are unspoken.  Well, until somebody might have behaved in a way to violate them.  Nobody says anything when their clubhouse neighbor is injecting steroids, but they want to speak up when a guy flips his bat after he thought he had hit a home run.

Baseball players are human.  They aren’t robots.  They should react to doing great things.  I have more of an issue with the hothead who goes into the dugout and starts throwing his glove like a toddler and destroying Gatorade coolers.  Why isn’t there a code for that?  Or would there be if it was someone like Puig who did it?

Either way.  Relax.  Dude motored into 3rd with a stand-up triple.  He didn’t hot dog it and cost his team.  Yasiel Puig runs as hard as anyone playing today.  I compared him to Pete Rose earlier this year.  He goes that hard.

Save your hate for real problems in the sport.  Not a guy celebrating.