Tuck: MLB All-Star Snubs

Every year, every sport, there will be players who are All-Star snubs.  To be an all-star means to have value, and there are many with value that can’t make it.  Wrong league/conference. Wrong position.  Wrong timing.  How do you weigh career versus current?  How many games missed is too many?  Roster rules can be an issue.  Oh, and obviously the fans with their potential monkey wrench in voting.

So while it always upsets me and/or fires me up, it is just the nature of the beast.  There will be worthy players who don’t make the trip.  The more upsetting thing is the players that get to go that simply have no business being there.  Baseball is more prone to this because of each team having to have a representative (although I really don’t think it got them in trouble this year).

Biggest beef: 

Once again, the inclusion of middle relievers.  They have a place on MLB team obviously, but they are the least valuable pitchers.  The best pitchers start.  The next best close.  The rest are middles.  It’s a joke for them to be considered all-stars.

Players who got screwed: 

White Sox SP Chris Sale- One of the best pitchers in baseball who doesn’t qualify for the ERA-title (yet) because he missed a few starts.

Mariners 3B Kyle Seager- A terrific defender at the hot corner and a great hitter in the middle of the Seattle lineup.

Tigers 2B Ian Kinsler- He is my 3rd choice at second base, so I have no issue with Cano or Altuve, but he should have a spot on the team.

Giants C Buster Posey- Having a good, not great hitting season, but the resume speaks for itself.  Molina gets the benefit of the doubt in a down year, but not Posey?

Nationals 2B/3B Anthony Rendon- He’s been the most consistent Washington hitter this year, and should bump off more than one player that made it over him.

Brewers OF Ryan Braun- For him not to make the team while playing for the team with the best record in the NL, well, come on.  Fans didn’t seem to object to putting fellow Biogenesis suspendee Nelson Cruz on the team.

Pitchers who might get in anyway but…

Indians SP Cory Cluber

Angels SP Garrett Richards

Athletics SP Jeff Samardjiza

Reds SP Alfredo Simon

Giants SP Tim Hudson

Dodgers SP Josh Beckett

Marlins SP Henderson Alvarez

Players who don’t belong:

Pirates utility-man Josh Harrison- No offense to the kid having a nice year for the Buccos, but this is a joke. If you needed a utility-man (and no all-star team does) then why not Rendon?

Twins C Kurt Suzuki- The AL catcher position is awful, so why put 3 of them on the all-star team?

Yankees SS Derek Jeter- I can see this one from both sides, but not every future HOF, even all-time greats, get to play in an all-star game their last year, just because it’s their last year. Thankfully it’s a down year for shortstops in the AL, but still.

The middle relievers- I know I wrote it once, but wanted to emphasize that again.