Tuck: MLB Right To Eliminate Home Plate Collisions

I quite honestly have never really understood why a catcher was allowed to block home plate with his entire body.  I’ve never fully grasped a base-runner crashing into a “defenseless” catcher trying to explode through him to reach home.  If anything, I wonder why it took so long to do away with this silly practice.

I get that catchers take pride in doing it as part of their jobs.  I get that in life sometimes we don’t like change because it’s just the way we’ve always done it.  I respect the history of the sport, but I think this change is good for the game.

When a runner is running to first base, the first baseman isn’t allowed to block the bag.  If a runner is trying to steal 2nd or 3rd, the infielder can block the base with their foot or knee, but they can’t stand in front of it like a linebacker trying to keep a tailback from the goal line.  I have always been confused why there is a different rule at home.

It’s been a disadvantage to offensive players for years.  The rule isn’t changing to help them as much as it is changing to prevent further punishment to the position in baseball that takes more than all the rest.  From both points of view, this is a good thing.

The sport will be better for this decision moving forward.