Tuck: MLB Final Player Vote

Having the final roster player voted on by fans was a creative, smart idea by baseball’s marketing team.  I like it.  With that said, putting up 5 relief pitchers to be voted on in the American League is just plain stupid.

As if the average fan knows squat about any these guys?!?

I can imagine the water cooler debate: My guy is tougher against lefties!  Well, my guy has more holds!  Well, my guy is now a closer!

Yeah.  That happened nowhere.

No offense to any of those players, but none of them should be all-stars.  At most, 2 relief pitchers, and I mean 2 closers, should be on the team.  Bad enough baseball has decided to put more than that on the teams, even worse they are asking the fans to vote on the position they probably know (and care) the least about.

The National League is much more interesting.  Why?  5 sluggers.  Different positions add intrigue too.  Imagine how much more interesting a debate it would be for fans voting on say: Evan Longoria, Josh Donaldson, Adrian Beltre, Daniel Nava, and Mark Trumbo.

Voting for starting pitchers would be nearly as appealing, and much better than choosing a reliever.  MLB missed the boat badly this year.

As for the NL, I’d rank the players: Freddie Freeman, Hunter Pence,  Yasail Puig, Ian Desmond, Adrian Gonzalez.

That, we could have a debate about.