Tuck: Decade Of Dominance

When you think baseball history, you think the Yankees.  And that is what should happen first.  They have been to 40 World Series and won 27 of them.

But the Cardinals and Red Sox also have long, storied histories themselves.  The Redbirds have been to 19 World Series (tied for 2nd most with the Giants) and won 11 (the second most).

The Sox have gone to the World Series 12 times (6th most), and won 7 (tied for 4th).

Both fan-bases are living through some glory years right now however.

In the last decade, since the Red Sox snapped the curse, and finally won a World Series, they’ve made the playoffs 6 times, and this is their third World Series appearance.

The Cardinals have had even more success.  St. Louis has made the playoffs 7/10 years, and are going to their 4th Fall Classic.  They’ve won two, and are looking for #3.

Baseball is such an up-n-down sport.  The best team in the regular season rarely seems to win, but in this case, it’s fitting that we end up with the two best records in each league advancing to the last dance.  Especially considering they’ve been the best teams in each league over the last decade.

I’ll take the Cardinals defense, hard-throwers, and timely hitting over the Red Sox in 6 games in what is really a toss-up World Series.