Tuck: David Ortiz Is The Greatest DH Ever

Bring up the designated hitter in baseball among sports fans and it’s bound to spark some kind of a debate.  Is baseball better with it or without it?  Should the AL get rid of it or NL adopt it?  Are DH’s real baseball players?  And who is the best DH ever?

The last question is probably discussed least frequently.  After all, many people do all they can to discredit the position.  There have been some great hitters that have manned the extra spot in the order.  Edgar Martinez.  Harold Baines.  Paul Molitor.  Chili Davis.  Don Baylor.  None better than David Ortiz.

Papi holds the record for the most runs scored, hits, doubles, home runs, extra-base hits and RBI’s by a designated hitter.

Frank Thomas played a large part of his career at first base, and could be debated as being a better player, depending on what you feel makes a player more accomplished: 2 MVP’s or 2 World Series rings where you served as a great, clutch hitter?

All these guys were great hitters.  And should be honored as such.  It should have nothing to do with whether or not they played the field.  They didn’t have to.  Baseball created a position for them to play, and they did it better than their peers and better than most everyone else to ever play.  David Ortiz should be remembered as one of the great hitters of all-time, regardless if he played the field or not.