Tuck: Posey Already Approaching All-Time Greats

San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey is entering the the conversation as one of the best behind the plate to ever play.  Does that seem extreme?  Of course it does for a player who has played just two full big league seasons.  But if you consider what he has accomplished, it may change your mind.

Posey was named rookie of the year in 2010.  He helped the Giants to the playoffs, and then the World Series, and then the championship.  He did it batting in the middle of the order and catching one of the best pitching staffs in baseball.  The only other catcher to win a title and hit in the middle of the order as a rookie was Yogi Berra.

Posey suffered a horrific ankle injury last year, but that is clearly in the rear-view mirror.  Posey was already named the comeback player of the year in 2012.

Buster Posey is considered the favorite to win the NL MVP as well.  He won the NL, and major league batting titles this season hitting .336.  He also started in the All-Star game and caught a perfect game for Matt Cain.

Buster Posey and the Giants are 4 wins away from another World Series title.  Even if he doesn’t get it, what he has done speaks for itself.  But if he does, and San Francisco wins a 2nd title in 3 seasons he clearly puts himself into elite company to have accomplished so much, so soon.

For the record, I think he’ll get that second ring.  The Giants have been as resilient as any team in history winning 6 straight elimination games to advance to the Fall Classic.  They have gotten contributions from their entire lineup, and although their starters haven’t been great, I think aside from Justin Verlander, the Giants have equal starting pitching.  San Francisco has the superior bullpen and if they get past the Tigers starters, which were all-time great (second lowest starter ERA in a LCS ever, .66) then they’ll expose some of the Tigers weaknesses and uncertainty at the closer spot.

Giants 4-2