Tuck: Bold 2013 MLB Predictions

Ryan Braun wins the NL MVP…and hits for the Triple Crown, the first in the NL since Joe Medwick in  1937.

Carlos Gonzalez will be the runner-up for MVP honors in the NL.

The Dodgers fire manager Don Mattingly by the All-Star break as they underachieve with the largest payroll in baseball.

The Pirates will finish over .500 for the first time since 1992.

The Braves will break the MLB record for strikeouts in a season.

Cliff Lee, will be traded again, as another gun for hire for a contender.

The Nationals will be the only team in baseball to win 100 games.

The Marlins will win more games than they did last season (69).

Alfonso Soriano will be in the playoffs, but not with the Cubs.

The Reds Mat Latos will win the NL Cy Young award.

National League Playoff teams: Nats, Braves, Brewers, Reds, Giants


The New York Yankees finish in last place in the AL East.  George Steinbrenner rolls over more in his grave than a 7-11 hot dog.

Alex Rodriguez will not play baseball in 2013, or for the NY Yankees ever again.

Toronto leads all MLB in home runs, and misses the playoffs.

Jose Bautista will hit 45 bombs to lead the AL.

RA Dickey will win 20 games for the Jays, as people forget he wasn’t a one-year wonder, he had great seasons in 2011 and 2010.

Justin Verlander will win his second Cy Young.

Felix Hernandez will start less than 10 games before being shut-down with arm issues.

Seattle will still finish .500.

David Price will be traded at the deadline, but not to a team that will sign him long-term.

Oakland will win the AL West, again.

Yoenis Cespedes will edge out Evan Longoria for the AL MVP.

American League Playoff teams: Orioles, Rays, Tigers, A’s, Angels.


The All-Star game will go extra innings, and be won by the American League.

Mariano Rivera will save the game.

The Nationals will beat the Angels in the World Series.