Tuck: Biggest MLB Draft Steals Of All-time

These are the greatest MLB draft steals of all-time.  It’s pretty easy now to wonder how on earth they stayed on the board for so long, and you could even question why the teams that drafted them waited for so long!?!?  Nonetheless, these teams made the picks, and deserve the credit for finding some of the brightest diamonds in the rough ever.


Mike Piazza, 62nd round, Dodgers

Keith Hernandez, 42nd round, Cardinals

Mark Buehrle, 38th round, White Sox

Mark Grace, 24th round, Cubs

Jorge Posada, 24th round, Yankees

Roy Oswalt, 23rd round, Astros

Andy Pettitte, 22nd round, Yankees

Don Mattingly, 19th round, Yankees

Brett Saberhagen, 19th round, Royals

Orel Hershiser, 17th round, Dodgers

Jose Canseco, 15th round, Athletics

Jim Thome, 13th round, Indians

Albert Pujols, 13th round, Cardinals

Nolan Ryan, 12th round, Mets

Andre Dawson, 11th round, Expos

Wade Boggs, 7th round, Red Sox

Matt Holliday, 7th round, Rockies

Matt Kemp, 6th round, Dodgers

Ryan Howard, 5th round, Phillies

Jack Morris, 5th round, Tigers

Lou Whitaker, 5th round, Tigers

Tim Raines, 5th round, Expos

Ricky Henderson, 4th round, Athletics

Gary Carter, 3rd round, Expos

Eddie Murray, 3rd round, Orioles

Bert Blyleven, 3rd round, Twins

Tony Gwynn, 3rd round, Padres

Dennis Eckersley, 3rd round, Indians


These teams made great picks, but they didn’t know how great.  They traded these guys away unaware of how good they’d become one day.  These steals are the missed opportunities for the teams that selected them.


Prince Fielder, 4th round, Royals

Ozzie Smith, 4th round, Padres

Goose Gossage, 9th round, White Sox

Fred McGriff, 9th round, Yankees

Trevor Hoffman, 11th round, Reds

Brady Anderson, 15th round, Red Sox

Kenny Lofton, 17th round, Astros

Jeff Kent, 20th round, Blue Jays

Ryne Sandburg, 20th round, Phillies

John Smoltz, 22nd round, Tigers