Tuck: Baseball’s Weather Problem

Less than one month into the 2013 MLB season and we have already had 15 games postponed because of bad weather.  Rain or snow, it’s still a no-go.  And that doesn’t begin to count the delays to the start of games and the bad/cold weather many games have been played in.

So what is the solution?

Truth is, not sure there is one, or that baseball is even all that bothered by so many games being effected by bad weather.

Let’s face it: It’s cold up north still in the month of April.  And it will be cold in September and October too.  You can’t really schedule around it.  We had two games snowed out this week, more than 3 weeks into the season.  We can’t send bad-weather climate home teams on the road for a month!  And furthermore, there are only 9 MLB cities where you could rule out snow/cold in April.  Even then, it can rain, and has rained in warm places like Texas.

I know a lot of people would like to see the baseball season shortened, but it’d be extreme to chop the season down from 6 months to 4 months.  Clearly baseball purists and more importantly owners and anyone else with money at stake wouldn’t want to see the season total games be reduced.  I have suggested in the past playing more double-headers, primarily on the weekends so to both increase (I’d hope and think) attendance and to shorten the season.  I’d be for expanding the active roster from 25 to 28 or 30 if necessary if we could play 15 double-headers a season.

It wouldn’t eliminate weather issues, but it would allow for the season to be shortened by 2 weeks, at either, or both, ends.

I wish I had a better answer to this pesky problem.  I wish baseball stadiums were more full.  I suppose none of it really effects me directly, but I’d like to see the game thrive and be pro-active in fixing some of these problems.

Bottomline is even if I got some baseball owners to hear me and cooperate, getting Mother Nature to be on the same page is next to impossible.