Top LCS MVP Candidates Revealed

Red SoxNo. 1 NLCS MVP Candidate: Hanley Ramirez (Los Angeles Dodgers)

Based on his .345/.402/.638 batting line and 20 home runs in 336 plate appearances and after producing at an MVP-caliber level during both the summer and NLDS, why doubt that Ramirez can continue to do so in this series?

There’s arguably nobody in the majors who is better at taking advantage of pitches down the middle. The rookie-laden Cardinals staff is likely to make a few mistakes to him throughout this much-anticipated series.

No. 1 ALCS MVP Candidate: Jacoby Ellsbury (Boston Red Sox)

The 30-year-old free-agent-to-be can influence a game in so many ways. In this case, his understanding of Fenway Park’s structural oddities could be what elevates him above other potential series MVP candidates.

Source: Ely Sussman, CNN Bleacher Report