Top 5 2014 Free Agent Middle Infielders

Source: Matt Snyder, CBS Sports

Stephen Drew1. Robinson Cano. Age: 30

He’s a perennial All Star and MVP candidate who never misses games (he averages 160 games per season for the past seven years).

2. Stephen Drew. Age: 31

He’s a superb defender at an all-important defensive position who hit .253/.333/.443 with 29 doubles and 13 homers last season.

3. Yunel Escobar. Age: 31

Very similar to Drew, actually, in that Escobar is slick with the glove at shortstop and hit .256/.332/.366 with 27 doubles and nine homers last season.

4. Jhonny Peralta. Age: 32

He hit .303/.358/.457 with 30 doubles and 11 homers in 107 games last season, making his second All-Star team this past season, so we know he can hit.

5. Omar Infante. Age: 32

He’s a productive offensive player, having hit .318/.345/.450 with 24 doubles and 10 homers last year in 118 games.