To Finish Strong, Angels Must Start Strong

Source: Alden Gonzalez, MLB

AngelsDuring the Angels’ final series of 2012, Mike Trout met with reporters in Seattle to recap a disappointing season, and he said the first game of next year would be the most crucial of all. He meant how important it would be for the Angels to get off to a better start and avoid the treacherous uphill climb of which they ultimately came up short.

The Angels have finished April at or below .500 in nine of Mike Scioscia’s 14 years at the helm.

Over the last five years, their combined April winning percentage — .433, with 52 wins and 68 losses — ranks 26th in the Majors.

The hitters’ workouts in the first 10 days will be different, with less free swinging and more emphasis on situational approaches, and pitching coach Mike Butcher “is looking at some more aggressive ways to get our pitchers where they need to be,” Scioscia said.