Tigers/Dodgers World Series Would Be “Best Matchup”

VerlanderCabreraDodgers 01-12-06Certainly, there’s a strong case to be made that Red Sox-Dodgers would be a matchup for the ages, a made-for-television showcase, as fellow MLB Lead Writer Zach Rymer wrote recently.

But Tigers-Dodgers? That would have much of the same—big names, big personalities, big markets—but it would also have two elements that no other potential matchup would.

First, these great franchises are the only two of the remaining four who have never faced each other in the World Series.

But for pure competition, the Detroit Tigers and Los Angeles Dodgers could be one giant pitchers’ duel of a World Series with Verlander and Scherzer for the Tigers and Kershaw and Greinke for the Dodgers.

Source: Jason Catania, CNN Bleacher Report