The Red Sox Are Interested In Cole Hamels?

The Red Sox Are Interested In Cole Hamels?

No one can really be blamed for making a play for a great pitcher like Phillies star lefthander Cole Hamels. But in the case of the Red Sox, who have shown interest in Hamels according to the Boston Globe and others, it’s maybe just a littler bit harder to understand.

Boston offered its own star lefty Jon Lester $70M over four years in spring training. Now suddenly, they’d be willing to take what’s left of Hamels‘ $144-million, six-year deal, and give up prime prospects, too, for a very comparable pitcher?

It’s true Hamels has only about $106 million left on his deal through 2018. But that’s still significantly more than the Red Sox offered Lester. And they’d have to surrender cherished young players to acquire Cole Hamels, to boot.

The Red Sox can investigate whatever trades they desire, but any pursuit of Hamels, though while not quite callous in this big business, appears at the very least, considerably curious.

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